Did anyone know whether the Epon-embedded nerve X-section tissue be re-used for immunocytochemistry

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Thu Aug 24 08:22:43 EST 1995

Dear Neuroscientists,
     I am just a layman for the neuroscience field and would like to know the following things:
(1) Did anyone know whether we can use those glutaldehyde/OsO4-fixed or Epon-embedded sections for
    the immunocytochemistry? In other words, can the epitopes on the nerve tissue/cell in X-section
    be still preserved/unaffected or still be recognized by the respective Abs?
(2) If the epitopes were still remain unaffected, HOW can we remove the Epon for exposing the epitope
    for immunocytochemical treatment?
Please feel free to contact me vai E-mail (H9290199 at hkucc.hku.hk) so that I can solve the above "problems"...
Anyway, thanks for your kind attention and advice.
Sincerely yours,
Anonymous M
24/08/1995 (rainny night in HK)

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