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Wed Aug 30 10:07:53 EST 1995

Dear Doctor Bleck:  Interestingly, just after your post relating to 
multiple sclerosis statistics, I received a call from a Cindy Kilgore
reporting her horror story on aspartame.  Turned out she worked for
CDC here in Atlanta and knew exactly who could help me on records on
MS.  His name is Dr. Charles G. Hemlick (770) 488-5456).

Dr. Hemlick called me this morning and said MS cases are not tracked and 
there is no way to get actual figures.  I mentioned the article sent to me
by the MS Society and he said that is all they have too.  The assumption 
there were perhaps 123,000 cases in the l970's and then he said different
assumptions in the l990's.

I said:  "Dr. Hemlick, if a neurologist said that MS had not changed in
40 years what would be your answer to him with what you know about MS?"
He said: "I would tell him MS is simply not tracked, and if there was any-
body he might be able to get information from it would be the Mayo Clinic
in Rochester, Minn.  While they track all diseases in that county it is a
small county, but they might be of help."

I will send information to the Mayo Clinic.  But all organizations that 
have been warning the public for years know about physicians sometimes 
making the diagnosis of MS when in reality it is methanol toxicity from
aspartame.  It is so big thing to us because we see it all the time.  I 
understand these organizations have tried to get the MS Society to 
publicize this or at least warn all MS patients but without success.  Dr.
Roberts has told me they are not going to do anything.  

There is no way to warn the world except the way we are doing it - going
directly to the people, the medical profession, the media, Congress, etc.,
until this poison is removed from the market.  The three worldwide
organizations are us, Mission Possible, the Aspartame Consumer Safety
Network and the Worldwide Pilot Hotline.  I will say we are getting people
off aspartame by the thousands.  Our people on American On Line are
particularly doing an outstanding job getting people off aspartame and
downloading case histories.  We ask everyone to take the "no aspartame
test" and when their symptoms disappear to send us their case history.  I
horror to even guess how many have perished, especially from neurological
diseases, when in reality aspartame took their life. Mark Gold on Internet
has been researching aspartame for about a year now and he has brought
forward a great amount of facts. He's done an incredible job!  The studies
on Medline unfortunately are the flawed ones and do not expose the truth
of the situation. 

We just ask that before you make definitive diagnoses that you, too, will
warn all your patients off aspartame.  Then we won't have to convince you -
you'll be convinced yourself by what you find, as neurological symptoms 
vanish after eliminating this toxin. 

If you will send me your complete address by private email I'll be glad 
to mail you records not available by email, and keep you current. 

Regards  Betty

Betty Martini
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