Unethical practices - drug industry

John W. Barron jwbarron at nando.net
Wed Aug 30 17:40:07 EST 1995

I did not; nor have I ever said that the university research was serving 
no useful purpose. I simply would like a list of the drugs which have
been researched, developed and marketed by a non-industry system.  
Since no one has submitted any contributions along those lines, one mus
assume there have been none.  What does it mean?  It means, very simply,
that the pharmaceutical manufacturers stick to their knitting, and do it.
That does not impune research done by universities in any way, whether
"grant" funded by industry or not. But research is only the first step, 
albeit a very important one.  At the momemnt there is about an 8 to 10
year lag; and about $100 million investment, after discovery,
before approval for sale.

My point?  There appears to be little wrong with the current system, and
a lot positive that can be said about it.  Some appear to confuse 
industry, investment and return on investment (profit) with ethics 

I do not feel the ulcer medication area pointed out originally is, was, 
or ever have been an ethics issue.  Dr. James Black was awarded the
Nobel prize in Medicine for his discovery leading to Tagamet.  Knowledge
has changed/increased since that happened, and not people are being 
"cured" of ulcers.  I don't hear a word about companines saying it isn't 

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