WTBorrow/Buy: The Frozen Addict video

Michael Mana mana at bns.pitt.edu
Thu Aug 31 12:51:10 EST 1995


If anyone has a copy of "The Frozen Addict" video (Langston's MPTP 
patients) that they would be willing to loan/sell to me, I would be indebted.  
I have called WGBH-Boston, who made the video, but it is no longer for sale. 
I have used the video in my courses for several years; great tool for 
lectures on Parkinsonism as well as a captivating "neurosci -type" 
whodunnit.  At any rate, it is missing this year and I would like to get 
another copy.  For those who are interested, there is apparently a sequel 
available from WGBH Boston called "Brain Transplants" which follows the course 
of 2 of Langston's patients during transplantation of dopaminergic cells at 
the Karolinska in Sweden.  I've not seen it but have ordered it...

Please reply directly to my E-Mail account.  Thanks! and Have a good one!


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