Unethical practices - drug industry

MAIKAI maikai at aol.com
Wed Aug 30 22:38:40 EST 1995

RE:  Tagamet

I find it interesting, that now that Tagamet is being sold over the
counter, the commercials to the public carry a big heading saying it's not
for ulcers only---it's also good for heartburn (paraphrased).  Now come
on.........who's fooling who?  There's natural cures for
heartburn.......and good ol' rolaids.  Why do we now need Tagamet?   The
advertising is geared for the general population, to sell the stuff for
heartburn, too....thus increasing their sales.
R &D costs the drug companies a lot of money(and get tax
write-offs!).....but why is it they are not subject to simple economics
and supply/demand theories?  ie:  demand goes up, supply goes up, and
price falls.  Instead demand goes up, supply goes up, and price stays
high----where are the extra profits going to?  

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