OOOTTAFAGV ooottafagv at
Fri Dec 1 05:04:40 EST 1995

A student has asked me for help in finding information about whether
arthritis has any effect on the joint proprioceptors.  She specifically
asked me, since I was discussing arthritis in a pathophysiology course, if
the joint destruction that characterises the various kinds of arthritis
also damages the proprioceptors in the joint.  If so, what if any effect
does this have on muscle coordination and balance ?  She is a physical
trainer and works a lot with elderly patients.

I was only aware of some the work focused on aging and the CNS.  I don't
know if anyone is studying this question from the point of view of PNS.

Any references, websites, authors, or other leads would be most helpful.

Thanks very much,
Layne VB

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