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Ron Blue rcb1 at LEX.LCCC.EDU
Fri Dec 1 09:03:01 EST 1995

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Date: Thu, 30 Nov 1995 10:36:41 -0600
From: Nick Blazanovic <nick at asylum.magic.mb.ca>
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Subject: Re: speculation on temperature

On Thu, 30 Nov 1995, Ron Blue wrote:

> I vaguely remember reading that melatonin the chemical that puts you to
> sleep every night was related to temperature regulation.  If so
> melitonin will cause more receptor sites to grow and develop.  These two
> possibilities suggest that temperature regulation could be significantly
> improved for TBI.   Has anyone been taking melatonin experienced this?
> Ron Blue

YES!!! Now that you mention it, I used to get chills and felt cold all 
the time regardless of the temperature in the house. In the summers, I 
felt like I was roasting to death if it ever got above 20 C/70 F. Now 
that I'm taking melatonin, my body temperature feels quite nice and much 
more normal.

ATB, Nick

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