Another language question

Ron Blue rcb1 at LEX.LCCC.EDU
Fri Dec 1 08:52:13 EST 1995

Autism is probably a multiple caused syndrome.
A interesting possibility is that they produce to much beta endophins
or pleasure chemicals.  This explain why they can bang their heads
in the wall to feel better(?).  If you were given heron all day long
you would not likely to be motivated by anything.  Ron Blue

On 30 Nov 1995 belanm at wrote:

> I was recently watching a short documentary about autism and I noticed
> that the extraordinary abilities the subjects showed (drawing, by
> memory, complex objects; playing, again by memory, a musical piece
> heard only once; etc.) are highly reminiscent of the extraordinary
> abilities demonstrated by babblers learning their first language.
> Could it be that autistics use what people normally use for language
> on other tasks? Does anybody know whether any work has been done on
> the relation between language abilities and autism?
> Marc.

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