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>> So, what are some solid studies on aspartame and demyelinating autoimmune
>> disorders (MS, CIDP, whatever)?
>There are none. Similarly for Parkinson's.


You're right about there being no studies on aspartame and 
demyelinating autoimmune disorders.  The problem is that no studies 
were even close to long enough to confirm the numerous reported cases 
of long-term aspartame ingestion causing MS-like symtpoms (*not* MS).
The longest *reasonable quality* study has only lasted three months.

We have a case where almost all independent, double-blind studies show 
adverse reactions to aspartame even though capsules were used and the 
studies did not last very long.  These experiments confirmed acute 
reactions to aspartame.  Unfortunately, the long-term, independent
studies (which should have occurred years ago), have not been conducted.

>(Actually, there was one for
>Parkinson's that showed no effect on motor function during the period of
>the experiment).

Are you referring to that *single-dose* experiment of aspartame and 
Parkinson's Disease (Neurology 43:611-613)?  One dose of *fresh*,
*encapsulated* aspartame, giving near meal-time to Parkinson's
patients.  Based on this "study" the authors concluced aspartame need 
not be restricted in Parkinson's.  When a single-dose experiment of a 
different product is used to determine the safety of life-long use of 
real-world, aspartame-containing products, something is seriously amiss 
with science (not to mention "Neurology's" peer review system).  I 
plan on adding a short chapter in my aspartame review in a couple of 
days listing what I think are minimum requirements for a passable 
study on aspartame.

I got an email from a person who worked at a medical center that 
treated Parkinson's patients.  She said everyone was told not to give 
aspartame to the patients because it significantly increased tremors 
in many cases.   I think I have an excerpt from that email on my 
aspartame web page.

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