Diane Joy Pritchatt Diane at
Mon Dec 4 09:13:03 EST 1995

Dear Tamera
I am not a doctor, only a mere neurosciences librarian, so cannot give 
you any clinical answer to your question, but thought that some 
references on Lupus might help.

The book: Neurology in clinical practice.  Bradley, WG (et al).- 
London: Butterworth-Heinemann, 1989.  ISBN: 
0-409-90194-6 (2 volumes), might help in your 

Also, there is a self-help group available, who 
might be able to offer help:

Lupus UK,
8-17 Eastern Road
Romford, RM1 3NG

Tel: 01708 731251.

I do hope this might help your friend whilst she 
waits to see the doctor.

Kindest regards,
-- Diane Joy Pritchatt

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