hypnosis and painreduction

Ron Blue rcb1 at LEX.LCCC.EDU
Tue Dec 5 13:11:44 EST 1995

On 4 Dec 1995, Steinar Forshei wrote:
> I am looking for information about hypnosis and pain management. I see a 
> lot of patients with spinal pain syndromes, and am now contemplating to 
> start using a clinical psychologist to assist in pain management. Does 
> anybody have any experience or information regarding this?
> Sincerely,
> Steinar Forshei
> Please e-mail me at forsheis at telepost.no
pain control is due to lack of concentration.  Hypnosis works by not
paying attention.  No increase in effectiveness is notice with hyposis
and suggestion of less pain.  Biofeedback for relaxation may be more
useful.  Ron Blue

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