Brain Structure/Intelligence

sallas bill joe sallas at
Tue Dec 5 18:55:12 EST 1995

	I am an education major who has gotten out of his leauge in a 
paper I am writing.  In the paper I am trying to prove that the structure 
of the brain supports the multiple intelligence theory, rather than 
Spearman's g.  When I say brain structure, I am talking about 
modularity; the fact that the brain is made up of sub-systems and is not 
just a single thinking unit.  I have read articles by Ira Black (Cracking 
the Brain case) and Gould (Mozart and Modularity) as well as stuff by 
Gazzaniga.  Basicly my theory is that because the brain is made up of 
these nueral networks, it makes sense that people will have different 
abilities in different areas.  Like I said, I am an education major so if 
my logic seems to be flawed, please correct me.  Any comments would be 
Thank you
Bill Sallas

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