Cerebral Hypoxia and Ischaemia Web Resources

Mike D.R. Croning michael.croning at st-cross.ox.ac.uk
Wed Dec 6 03:36:28 EST 1995

The Cerebral Hypoxia & Ischaemia Web Resources page is a free
resource provided to the Internet community designed to index research
and general information available on the Internet relating to cerebral
hypoxia and ischaemia and details of investigators within these fields.
Research in other related fields such as cerebral metabolism and
spreading depression is included too.

Currently this World Wide Web Page is receiving 50-100 accesses per week
- so its a HOT site ! and there are at present over 60 links - these are
sorted by subject, department and investigator.

The URL for the page is:-


You may submit your own links (and general comments about the page) by
either using the 'submit your links' button on the resources page or
emailing them directly to me :-

michael.croning at st-cross.ox.ac.uk

Any URL type is suitable: http, gopher, ftp etc

I look forward to receiving your comments and links


Mike D. R. Croning
Clinical Pharmacology Department
Oxford University


These WWW pages and this message in no way represent Oxford University

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