carbon nanotube field-emission electron source

Ron Blue rcb1 at LEX.LCCC.EDU
Tue Dec 5 21:28:29 EST 1995

In the 17 November 1995 issue of Science the article "A Carbon
Nanotube Field-emission Electron Source" by Heer and Ugarte attracted
my attention.  If my memory is right bucky balls, can be flipped in on
themselfs creating nanotubes from carbon.  According to the authors
they have developed sheet of nanotubes in alinement with each other
what shows promise for flat panel display applications with virtually
no restrictions on its area.

This suggested to me the possibility of using such flat panel sheets
for neuroscience research.  Since correlated electrostimulation
results in an increase in neuro connections and potential for
future neuro oscillations such flat panel may serve as a stimulation
area for blind people.  If the projector is covered with teflon it
should result in easy growth and connection of nerve cells on
to the "flat" panel.  This has the potential of helping the blind to
see again.  While this  is at least 25 years away it is an idea that
has merit.  Ron Blue

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