Sandra L Wegert sandraw at U.Arizona.EDU
Thu Dec 7 01:00:09 EST 1995

On 27 Nov 1995, Joseph Cheer wrote:

> I would like to know if the golden hamster is a good experiemtnal subject
> for performing behavioral tasks (such as delayed-non-match-to-sample or
> Morris Water Maze)
> Thanks in advance neuronetters

I've run Siberian hamsters in mazes and they were OK (not as good as 
rats).  I would be surprised, however, if they could do delayed matching 
to sample - that's actually pretty difficult.  When I trained monkeys to 
do it, it took THEM several months to catch on.  Well, sorry to sound 
discouraging... you could try it and prove me wrong  :)


sandraw at U.Arizona.EDU

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