Help Wallenberg's Syndrome !

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Thu Dec 7 17:43:52 EST 1995

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> please , I need information about wallenberg's syndrome.

This from Kanel, Schwartz, Jessell, 3rd ed page 728:

The lateral medullary syndrome (Wallenberg syndrome) is caused by an 
infarction in the distribution of the posterior inferior cerebellar 
artery.  Oftern, however, the actual occlusion is found in the parent 
vessel, the vertebral artery.  The damaged area includes the dorsal 
portion of the lateral medulla, the lateral medullary tegmentum.  In 
addition to the six common characterists [1.contralateral loss of pain 
and temperature sensation of the libms and trunk due to damage in the 
spinothalamic tract; 2ipsilateral Hornersyndrome with miosis (small pupil 
with normal reaction to light),ptosis of the eyelid, and decreased 
sweating on the ipsilateral side of the face due to interruption of 
descending autonomic fibers;3ipsilateral loss of cutaneous sensation on 
the face from involvement of the sensory trigeminal nucleus ro descending 
tract;4nystagmus and nausea attributed to involvement of vestibular 
connections;5ataxia of the ipsilateral limbs due to interruption of 
cerebellar connections (the restform body in the medulla, and the middle 
and superior peduncles in the pons);and for reasons not known 6hiccup.]
glossopharyngeal (IX) and vagal(X) nerves may e involved, causing 
difficulty in swallowing (dysphagia), hoarseness of the voice because of 
paralysis of the ipsilateral vocal cord, and loss of taste on the 
ipsilateral half of the tongue.

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