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Thu Dec 7 12:08:29 EST 1995

Attention all researchers:

Several parents in the alt.support.tourette newsgroup
would like research to be done in the allergy connection
to Tourette Syndrome.  Those kids with obsessive
compulsive traits seem to have the most allergies.  The
mental tics (intrusive recurring thoughts which are often
repugnant or bizarre) often occur in this subgroup of TS
patients.  Since tics in TS wax and wane for everyone,
usually waxing in the spring and fall, this also suggests
a seasonal connection with allergies.  Molds seem to 
be the most prevalent allergens.  My son is allergic
to almost everything airborn and is sensitive to red dye #40
(tired splitting headaches, causing him to scream and
pass out with exhaustion).  I wonder if having long term
severe allergies can be one cause of TS/OCD, where
the brain's chemistry is overtaxed and one thing leads
to another, such as :
                 1.  onset of allergy
                 2.  autistic behavior - tuning out, repetitive actions
                 3.  rage outbursts
                 4.  obsessive compulsive behavior
                 5   tics

Does the constant histamine activity in the body upset
the brain's neurotransmitter balance by depleting necessary
amino acids or minerals?  Or does the physical action of
swelling affect the brain directly or indirectly by swelling of
ear canals, etc., putting pressure on specific areas of the
brain?  Or a is it a combination of both?

Any discussion is welcome!  Please send me e-mail
with your newsgroup response.

Bonnie in Columbus, Ohio   (BonnieGr at aol.com)

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