CNN News Dec 7, 1995 - reverse writing

Ron Blue rcb1 at LEX.LCCC.EDU
Fri Dec 8 10:15:35 EST 1995

A girl in England had a headache afterwards she wrote in perfect penmanship
everything as a mirror image.  The hand writing looked identical to her
normal penmanship IF you held a mirror up to it.  The neurologist could
not explain this event.   Later (a year?) she hit her head and from
then on started writing normally.  She did not appear to phased by
her experience and seemed to find it irratating that anyone would
find her experience unsual.  To her these things were normal.



The universe consist of at least two mirror in phase universes.  Particle
size is unimportant to so the headache was related to  a phase jump of a 
perfectly matched girl from one universe to another.  The mirror writing
was normal for each girl but abnormal for other observers in the
parallel universes.

Electrical/computer model:

The girl is like a computer monitor system with synchronous display wave 
knocked out of phase by brain damage resulting in a processing error.
The future brain damage knocks the by chance in the normal direction.

Correlational Opponent Processing:
All information is processed in wavelets of activating events and opponent
events.  Data is stored as activating wavelets and opponent wavelets.
The headache lead to damage in the gaussian projection area for output
for motor writing.  This results in the opponent motor wavelets producing
mirror motor output wavelets.  To the little girl she has done her word
assignments correctly.  The hit on the head resulted in a new phase
alignment of the gaussian wavelet area away from the previous damage
site.  The opponent area can no longer be expressed as an out put and the 
activating area is turned on resulting in normal output.

Lieing/attention theory:

The girl was lieing about the headache and the hit on the head.  She was
faking.  That is why she was irratated that the stupid adults believed
these events.  It became such a bore she returned to normancy.

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