spinal cord regeneration

Andrew Schumacher pandrew at camtwh.eric.on.ca
Sat Dec 9 12:48:33 EST 1995


I'm not familiar with the article you refer to, but I suspect that it may have been about the inhibition of 
neurite outgrowth by CNS myelin.  It's one of the suspected factors which distinguish the peripheral nervous 
system (which can regenerate) from the central nervous system (which can't).

Secondly, I would strongly warn you against attaching much credence to info about medical science gleaned 
from news stories.  I've been stunned in the past by articles I've read in the newspaper about spinal cord 
injury research (which I know something about because it's what my PhD is on).  They weren't just off base, 
they were downright false and misleading.



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