Myoclonus, anyone?

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Mon Dec 11 10:03:04 EST 1995

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> Palatal myoclonus (often just called myoclonus) is a problem that 
> involves the paramedian branches of the Superior pontine, a nucleus in 
> the medulla.  Structures involved I would suspect to be arcuate fibres.
> Hope this helps.

So called, palatal myoclonus was never just called myoclonus, but is now
referred to by experts as palatal tremor and can be associated with
lesions in the inferior olive, dentate nucleus or central tegmental tract
or related structures.  Some cases occur without discernable anatomical
abnormalities.  Prof. G. Deuschl is the most recent authoritative writer
on the subject.  His papers, published, I believe, in _Brain_ would be a
reliable place to go for more information.

Eric Wassermann

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