Montreal Summer School

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Mon Dec 11 06:42:31 EST 1995

On 11 Dec 1995, Lee Sang Kwi wrote:

> Date: 11 DEC 1995 04:51:44 GMT 
> From: Lee Sang Kwi <sglee at>
> Newgroups: bionet.neuroscience
> Subject: Montreal Summer School 
> I recently found that there are a summer school in montreal in next year.
> I contact to the hostname in montreal-MacGill university.
> There are many good information on summer school.
> I found that it is very useful.
> But I want to know more informations about this summer school.
> Such as the detailed programs in there.
> whoever know further information on it 
> then send me the e-mails.
> thanks.
Could some one tell us what this summer school is about. we are 
interested in knowing who it is for and other details about the duration 
and fees/ scholarships for the same.
Send replies at the following Nos.sc203 at & mrb1000 at

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