neural coding of behavior: evidence for precise timing of spikes ?

Bill Skaggs bill at
Tue Dec 12 13:01:13 EST 1995

laubach at (Mark Laubach) writes:

   > Could it be that info trans is limited by the poissonian nature
   > of the generators underlying spike activity?
   > (I doubt that I am the first to say of such a thing. Does anyone
   > know of refs for previous statements like mine above from the
   > neurophysiological or computational literature?)

This is a question that has interested many people for a long time
now, and provoked a lot of argument.  In fact, the recently published
work by Zach Mainen and Terry Sejnowski (in Science, I think; I don't
have the exact reference) was an attempt to measure this underlying
variability experimentally, for cortical pyramidal cells.  Their
references will provide a few pointers to the existing literature.

	-- Bill

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