Brain implants : the Chinese made it !

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Subject: Re: Brain implants : the Chinese made it !
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On Thu, 30 Nov 1995, Tamera Blood wrote:
> I've been away for a while.  Has anyone found out the details beyond the

> CNN report?  Did they really do this, and how controlled was the 
> experiment?  How is the girl doing long-term?  I've heard alot of 
> Parkinson patients worsened after initial improvements.  I'm very 
> interested in this, but do not know how to follow up on a study in
> Thank-you!
I am on a newsgroup for biological research in China.  I asked about this
research, he said in the next newletter It would be in it.  I will
try to remember to post the results.  Ron Blue

can you please tell me more about this??  This is the first I have heard
of this incredible feat!!

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