Myoclonus, anyone?

Peter Vollrath pvollrat at
Thu Dec 14 20:56:53 EST 1995

On Mon, 11 Dec 1995, Eric Wassermann wrote:
> So called, palatal myoclonus was never just called myoclonus, but is now
> referred to by experts as palatal tremor and can be associated with
> lesions in the inferior olive, dentate nucleus or central tegmental tract
> or related structures.  Some cases occur without discernable anatomical
> abnormalities.  Prof. G. Deuschl is the most recent authoritative writer
> on the subject.  His papers, published, I believe, in _Brain_ would be a
> reliable place to go for more information.
> Eric Wassermann

Thank you!  Are you then the published researcher in biases and decision 

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