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> > I am extremely pleased to announce that BIOSCI is now providing WWW
> > access to all bionet newsgroups through its Web site at www.bio.net!!!
> > To use this service connect to our URL   http://www.bio.net
> > 

> >                                 Sincerely,
> > 
> >                                 Dave Kristofferson
> >                                 BIOSCI/bionet Manager
> > 
> >                                 biosci-help at net.bio.net

> Dave,
>    Would you mind not sending any commercials on this Neurosci chat group.
> Thanks a lot
> -- 
> Christian Holscher, PhD
> Trinity College Dublin
> Dept. Pharmacol. & Therapeutics


   Would you mind not telling people offering free services that pertain to the 
subject of Neuroscience not to send information to this group. I dont know who
you are, and whether or not you have some authority to make such a statement, 
but if you do not have such authority then please do not take it upon
yourself to 
make decisions about what should and should not be posted to this group. There
has never been any indication that this is a moderated newsgroup. 

Thanks a lot

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