Prednisone violence -Help

Eugene Schmidt Lloyd at
Sat Dec 16 13:34:47 EST 1995

I need help with information to bring to court to protect a woman who
attacked a loved one while completing a prednisone regimen for allergies.
She is charged with assault - domestic, and has her professional career at

On later reflection the woman recalled attempting suicide after prednisone
as a teenager. Many have volunteered their own Aunt Nellie Prednisone
story, but I would like some forensic, review article or case law

Is this a widespread phenomenon? Are cortisone reactions closely related
to "steroid" behavior problems? Are the effects secondary, via shutting
down the pituitary-adrenal cortical axis? In this case, a string of
stressors, including a terrorizing graduate student exam may have
compounded the drug effect. Is that typical? Are there strong dissociative

Suggestions for other newsgroups or mail lists would also be helpful.

Postings or mail appreciated.

Lloyd at

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