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Subject: Major PBS Expose' on CIBA-G backing of ADD "support" groupt
Date: 17 Dec 1995 00:35:48 GMT
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  A Merrill report on PBS has recently made it known that CIBA-Geigy 
provides 20% of the funds (> $800,000) to back a "support" group for 
parents of "ADD" kids.  The literature of the group AT LEAST until this 
was expose' contained no mention of corporate backing and all parents 
interviewed were unaware.  The "literature" provided was shown as 
   Furthermore this support group (CH.A.D.D.) got involved with the 
(63%)department of Education and made a film heralding Ritalin (by trade 
name) as THE major treatment for ADD.  Until the expose' the Dept. of 
Ed. was unaware of a connection between CH.A.D.D. and the drug company.  
The majority of parents interviewed in this film on ADD treatment were 
CH.A.D.D. board members (Chicago chapter).  A spokeperson for the Dept. 
of Ed. showed concern about this matter and said he would look into.  He 
and others thought that CIBA, being behind things without making that 
known, was unethical.  The prescription of Ritalin has increase 500% 
since 1990.  CH.A.D.D. has been petitioning the government to deregulate 
this chemical.  I believe the petition has now been declined.
   A major if not the major spokeperson (mouthpiece?) for CH.A.D.D. is a 
clinical psychologist.  Any problems with any of this?

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