Dave Seaman ds005c at UHURA.CC.ROCHESTER.EDU
Sun Dec 17 22:36:37 EST 1995

>So to review my medical problems and my question:
>Problems:  1  Hydrocephelus
>           2  Brown-Sequard Syndrome
>           3  Previous Seisure Disorder
>           4  Depression-Panic Attacks
>Questions: 1  Would I be crazy to chance scuba diving with the present
>conditions as I listed above?
>           2  If so, realizing I am still 23, in college, and
>desperately seeking a hobby, what would you recommend? I have other
>interests in skydiving, parasailing, flying (small airraft), and am
>unsure of what would be safe. My doctors seem to be motivated by their
>liability if they tell me I can do something. So they usually cop out
>and say, "I wouldn't recommend it." This is getting aggravating.

Well, considering the list of disorders, and the possibility of
mis-diagnoses and the lack of knowledge as to the exact extent of your
previous injuries, I would say that it would be simply foolhardy to go
diving.  Try flying-that doesn't necessitate any bodily insults of any sort
(unless, of course, you crash, in which case, it won't matter whether you
have higher incidence of neurological dysfunction).  Unless, of course, you
have a possibility of getting seizures while flying.
        Yes, it's aggravating, but it's a choice you have to make-either
find a less injurious hobby or risk life, limb, and the ability to live a
normal life.  Go ride a bike or something.  Try not to focus on how fun it
would be to squash your head in the pressures of the deep sea.
        And, yes, I can probably guess that you don't want to hear me say
any of this.

Good luck and health,

David Seaman
University of Rochester
ds005c at

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