stroke info./support

T. B. Webster tbwebstr at
Tue Dec 19 01:27:42 EST 1995

Hi, everyone:

My father's recuperating from a mild post-op stroke, which occurred about
three weeks ago. I have a couple of questions--e-mail please, too. 

1. Is there a "layman's" support and information organization for stroke
patients (like Arthritis Foundation for arthritis, etc.)?
2. Do you know of any relevant Websites where I could get information for him?
3. Is this the "stroke" newsgroup or are there others?
4. How about a good book (available in a 'regular' bookstore) about stroke
or mild stroke recovery?
5.  He can't drive for 'a couple of months' accdn'g to docs--why is this?
6.  His speech and memory seem fine--needs to walk with a walker, though,
for now--is this because his motor skills have been knocked out for awhile
or for good by the stroke?  Do the muscles not get the signal from the
brain to do their thing? Does it "get better" with time?

Lots of questions, I know.  I'm heading up there for Christmas and want to
have some information before I see him again...THANKS!


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