brain research nonsense ?

claus a6111naa at
Tue Dec 19 23:13:02 EST 1995

Hello everybody involved in brain research/cognitive neuroscience or
related areas. I´m a graduate interested in cognitive brain research and
have got some "academic life-crisis". So if you don´t mind I´ll come
along with some more or less philosophical questions ("what I ever wanted
to know about brain research but didn´t dare to question"):

1) Which is/are the major aims of your research. This question asks about
the "real, essential sense" of your work (e. g. clinical application,
"satisfaction of curiosity" etc.) ?
2) If you are doing cognitive brain research/neuroscience: why do you
choose just this kind of approach to the brain. What are the methods you
use in your investigations ?
If you are not involved in cognitive brain research: why are you not,
which other approach do you choose and why ?
3) If you are doing cognitive brain research/neuroscience and if you are
investigating spatial cognitions/abilities: why are you so interested in
that cognitive function and not in another one (e. g. language). Which
insight do you expect from doing research on spatial abilities (please
relate - if possible - to question 1). If you aren´t doing research on
spatial abilities: which aspects of these topics could interest you ?

Please take some time and answer to my "vital questions" (partial answers
are welcome too).
Thank you in advance,

:- }   Claus

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