Postdoc position for behavioural neuroscientist

Davorka Tomic D.Tomic at
Tue Dec 19 19:47:41 EST 1995

Primate Behaviourist - We are seeking a person with a PhD and/or
postdoctoral experience (including publications) in primate behaviour to
participate in an Australian-based research project aimed at studying the
effects of purturbations of cortical circuitry on the social behaviour of
primates - a project relevant to understanding the neural factors
underlying major personality disorders. The appropriate person will be part
of an interdisciplinary team applying for a medical research grant which,
if successful will provide a salary in the range of $34,000 to 40,000A per
year for the years 1997, 98 and 99. We require the name, complete CV and
publications list no later than the 25th January, 1996. This information
should be sent to: Dr. Peter Kitchener, Department of Physiology,
University of Tasmania, Hobart, Tasmaina, Australia (Fax: 61 02 202 679;
E-Mail:<pdk at> OR Associate Professor Peter Snow (Fax:
61 7 365 1299; E-Mail <P.Snow at>   

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