post-stimulus histogram

Neal Prakash eamg061 at
Wed Dec 20 17:37:30 EST 1995

for windows (sorry) you can use sigmaplot by jandel to import your data and 
then customize the histogram by using the histogram transform. this 
requires some experience with writing transforms. (like programming in 

for dos, i use a program called "hist" as part of a package that gathers 
data and plots it as it comes in. this program is by spikes systems inc. 
at 500 east 63rd st 14c, ny, ny, 10021. ph# 212-759-4021.

good luck.

On Wed, 20 Dec 1995, jamie wrote:

> hello,
> I am trying to find a program that will produce post-stimulus histograms...I
> have data in ASCII format, and I need something that will tell me (in the
> form of a bar graph) how many spikes occur during small time intervals...
> does anyone know of a program that will do this?  hopefully available on the
> net?  and not for windows!
> I've been trying to do this with DaDisp, but that program doesn't have the
> ability...
> thanks,
> Jamie
> pet101 at

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