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Thu Dec 21 15:51:16 EST 1995

In reply to people who have asked for additional information about the
Montreal Summer School, here is the official announcement.  More
details can be obtained about the program by consulting our World Wide
Web site or contacting the Center for Nonlinear Dynamics as outlined
in the announcement.  Thanks.


                            MONTREAL 96
                          Summer School on 


                           to be held at
                         McGill University
                    in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

                       20 May - 7 June, 1996

                   taught by the faculty of the
      Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics in Physiology and Medicine

Additional information is available by the World Wide Web at:

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anonymous FTP to: 
in directory /pub/montreal96/


WEEK 1: 
Introduction to nonlinear dynamics.  Taught at the level of the text:
Understanding Nonlinear Dynamics by D. Kaplan and L. Glass.

Applications: Behaviour of spontaneous and forced nerve and cardiac
cells, the control of respiration.

Two Parallel Streams:

1) Intermediate nonlinear dynamics of systems with spatial dependence,
delayed feedback and/or stochastic influences.

2) Linear and nonlinear time series analysis.

Applications: Excitable media, biological pattern formation,
hematological cell regulation systems, analysis of data from
physiological time series like heart rate.

WEEK 3: 
Five in-depth case studies of modeling and data
analysis in biology: 
- Stochastic resonance in sensory neurons; 
- Dynamics of the pupil light reflex;
- Human tremor;
- Firing patterns of the forced squid giant axon; 
- Traveling and spiral waves in cardiac tissue.


If you are from the biological sciences, the 3-week program will
provide familiarity with modern concepts in nonlinear dynamics.  This
will include insight into how one goes about formulating realistic
mathematical models of biological phenomena, analyzing the behaviour
of these models both analytically and numerically, and comparing the
model behaviour to experimental data.

If you are from the physical sciences, the Summer School will give you
a sampling of the areas of biological research in which mathematical
modeling has had an impact in our understanding of underlying
biological mechanisms. An important component of the Summer School is
the introduction of traditional and newer techniques for time series


The Summer School will consist of a combination of integrated lectures
and computer laboratories/demonstrations, using a network of Pentium
computers for the computer labs.  Participants will work in groups of
two per machine.


Participants may come from either the Biological Sciences
(including e.g. Medicine and Psychology) or the Physical Sciences
(Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, Chemistry, etc.), but should
have at least one year of calculus. Educational background may
range from final-year undergraduates through graduate students,
postdoctoral fellows, and professional scientists from both
industrial and university settings.

The close involvement of faculty in the computer laboratory part of
the course means that only 50 participants can be accepted. Early
applicants will be given priority, and an attempt will be made to
balance participants with biological and physical science

Participants can register for individual weeks, or for the entire
3-week course.  The fees are:

US Dollars
            Before 1 March     After 1 March 
One Week        $320              $385 
Two Weeks       $600              $720 
Three Weeks     $800              $960 

Canadian Dollars
            Before 1 March     After 1 March 
One Week        $400              $480
Two Weeks       $750              $900
Three Weeks    $1000             $1200 

To register, or for more information:
address:       Montreal96 Summer School
               Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics
               McGill University
               3655 Drummond St.
               Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3G 1Y6

e-mail:        montreal96-info at
telephone:     voice: 514-398-2102
               fax:   514-398-7452


Anne Beuter
Jacques Belair
Sue Ann Campbell
Marc Courtemanche
Eusebius Doedel
Leon Glass
Michael Guevara
Danny Kaplan
Andre Longtin
Michael Mackey
John Milton
John Outerbridge
Alejandro Rey
Alain Vinet

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