Psychiatry of the future ?

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Is it possible that our psychological apparatus has been overtaken in this stage of our

The greater performance of our society drastically changes our needs of learning, which in turn
creates greater difficulties of adaptation for the man. The question is whether our
psychological ‘software’ is adequate for this historical moment in time. This is an exciting
perspective for psychiatry, to find out the best possibilities to cope whit this time we are
living in.
  The sens of Freud’s works was to bring more coherence into the man’s behaviour, struggling
against the inward passion for the sake of the reason. This could be the starting point of idea
of ‘modernizing’ the psychological functioning of man. The proposition advanced here is to
discuss how this could be possible with knowledge brought by the neurosciences.
 The psychotherapeutic work should focus on how to perform better in our context of living.
Pharmacology are ever more able to act upon cognitive fonctions. However the desired ajustments
in the cognitve functions shaped in service of an individual project for life must come from
the interaction of Psychotherapy and Pharmacology.
  To extend the mental capacity of the man with Pharmacological substances is not enough, it
would be necessary to reorientate the cognition of emotional experience to achieve more
efficient action. For exemple, our conception of hapiness is perhaps naive, based as it is on
goal attainment and maintenance. Happiness always remains an expectation, ‘nirvana state’ is
incoherent with nature.
   Psychoanalytic work teachs how to cope with mourning process, sign of psychic agility,
necessairy for changing. Motivation is expression of life instict, and the death instinct is
correlated with tiredness and hopeless, psychotherapy could work out this obstacles.
  Could neurosciences ( specificly Psychiatry ) shapes a better psychological functioning for
the man of the year 2000? Shoud this discussion be opened?

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