synaptotagmin antibody

Jan Six Jan.Six at
Thu Dec 21 08:07:45 EST 1995

kmchan at UXMAIL.UST.HK (Ka Ming CHAN) wrote:

> I wonder if anybody can tell me which company sells 
> synaptotagmin antibodies ?

There are various companies that sell antibodies against different
synaptic proteins. I have checked Dakopatts, Chemicon, Biogenesis,
Biogenex, Biodesign, Sternberger and Zymed. All of these sell Abs
against synaptophysin. Several sell Abs against synaptobrevins,
synapsins and syntaxins. 

Unfortunately, *none* of them sells Abs against synaptotagmins.
Sorry, wish I could have been more helpful. Good luck finding the
Abs you need.

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