Micro Discectomy or Endoscopic Percutaneous Discectomy ?

Sean O'Halloran seano at teleport.com
Mon Dec 25 21:43:52 EST 1995


I am a 40 year old male, and I am going through my second bad bout of
sciatica.  The first time was earlier this summer, and it took about 4.5
months to make a recovery.  The sciatica was restricted to my right side
and was due to a disk herniation or rupture, and subsequent nerve root
compression at L5-S1 .. I Had drpoped foot, numbness, etc - really a 
pretty bad case.  Eventually almost everything came back - much weaker
in some areas, but came back nonetheless.

This time, I injured the same disk lifting weights (as part of my 
recovery process) and probably aggravated the condition, when 
immediately after I developed a severe case of bronchitis and coughed my 
guts out for a week.  

I guess when it rains, it pours eh ?

I have been out of work now since early December on
short-term-disability.  Bills are piling up, etc  While I am able to get
around ok, I am a long way from being able to return to work.  I have
had one cortisone injection with good results, and probably will go for
a second.

I think this time around, I am not going to be able to benefit from a
conservative approach, and I am seriously considering surgery.  I have
an appointment for surgery scheduled for Januuary 5th - and I guess what
I want to know is, what is the state of the art in discectomies ?  My
surgoen is planning a laminectomy, (micro discectomy) and I am NOT
thrilled about the prospect.  I have read some material here on the
Internet about Endoscopic Percutaneous Discectomies.  I understand this
surgical technique is new, and not widely used.  

I would appreciate ANY information and opinions regarding Endoscopic
Percutaneous Discectomies - also advice, and referals, to reputable
surgeons who are doing the operation,  I am a very active man, and have
two beautiful children - a boy age eight and a little girl age 2 and a
half.  I have a LOT of living left to do, and if I DO have to have 
surgery, I really want to maxmize my chances for a fast and 
uncomplicated recovery.

Thanks in advance,

Sean O"Halloran

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