Biofeedback Information

allcomp3 allcomp3 at
Tue Dec 26 15:41:18 EST 1995

Visit for
information about the Biofeedback Instrument Company.  Founded
by Dr. Philip Brotman, it is one of the oldest biofeedback instrument
distributors and educators in the U.S.  Our equipment is used to treat
many physical and mental disabilities, such as substance abuse,
incontinence, stress, anxiety, learning disability, and pain.  We have
several web pages that feature editorials on biofeedback,
neurofeedback, and applied psychophysiology.  There are equipment
illustrations and descriptions, as well as biofeedback certfication and
neurofeedback workshop schedules.  You could also email any
questions, along with your phone number and postal address, to
allcomp at; or call Dr. Brotman directly at 800-735-9171
or 212-222-5665 for further info.

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