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Dear Alan:

Thank you so much for your reply.  While we have so many chemicals on the 
market that can cause so many things, in the case of aspartame we know 
what it is causing.  First of all, we're taking all the complaints and 
getting people off the poison.  If their problems were from something 
else they wouldn't disappear within 6 weeks off of aspartame, never to 
return unless they use the product again.  While we have case history 
after case history, on the auto-responder you will see the ones I call 
classic.  In other words, we see them over and over again.  Many times 
somebody will be drinking a half a dozen diet drinks a day and I'll tell 
him the symptoms he's having!  He will say: "But how did you know - that 
is what I'm suffering from?"  As Dr. H. J. Roberts (world expert on 
aspartame) puts it - aspartame is a disease because the symptoms are 
predictable - there is a pattern.

People like Shannon Roth went blind on aspartame when it was only in 100 
products, Joyce Wilson went blind and died from aspartame when it was in
several hundred.  Today its in 5000 products and hard to avoid.  People 
are getting so much of this poison they are suffering methanol toxicity 
which mimics MS, and unfortunately are being diagnosed as such.  Dr. 
Roberts tells physicians not to diagnose a patient with MS until the 
patient has been off aspartame at least 5 months.  Joyce Wilson was mis-
diagnosed and it cost her husband hundreds of thousands of dollars to 
take care of her because it cost her, her insurance.  She saw 34 doctors 
and nobody knew what the problem was until she was examined by the late 
Dr. Morgan Raiford here who was a specialist in methanol toxicity.

If you notice the case of Alicia Morris on the auto-responder, she says 
she was diagnosed with MS by two physicians.  As soon as she said she drank
3 Diet Cokes a day and mentioned her equilibrium problems, almost blind 
in one eye (methanol converts to formaldehyde in the retina), and the 
numbness in her legs, I knew it was methanol toxicity and told her so.
Alicia looked shocked when I told her.  She even thought she had a brain 
tumor because of the horrible headaches which come from the methanol.  
She got off fast.  About 6 weeks later her vision returned, her hearing 
returned and all the MS type symptoms disappeared.  She had never been 
able to get pregnant and Dr. James Bowen calls aspartame instant birth 
control.  But when she was off for some time she did get pregnant and 
just about a month or so ago gave birth to a healthy baby boy.  Alicia is 
one of the more fortunate, we got her in time.  Her mother is an RN and 
she was in shock when her daughter got well.  You couldn't believe every 
single medical problem would disappear with ridding herself of aspartame.
She requested medical information and spread it all over the hospital where
she worked.

There are 92 documented symptoms according to the FDA report of August, l995,
mostly neurological because aspartame destroys the nervous system.  And 
this is all documented.  You can get DR. Roberts tapes: IS ASPARTAME SAFE?
(1 800 -643-2665), and Dr. Russell Blaylock, neurosurgeon, has written 
about it in EXCITOTOXINS; THE TASTE THAT KILLS (1 800 -643-2665).

A few months ago the Atlanta Journal Constitution had a full page story 
called THE ENEMY WITHIN.  It was about the epidemic of chronic fatigue 
syndrome.  They said it started in the early 80's (when aspartame was 
approved), and then said: "could it be something in food?"  Aspartame has 
caused an epidemic of chronic fatigue syndrome.  The methanol breaks down 
the immune system.

The pop companies sent diet soda to the troops.  One soldier said they 
sat on pallets for as long as 8 weeks in the 120 degree Arabian sun, and 
they drank them all day.  At 86 degrees aspartame liberates methanol in 
the can.  In their bodies it turned to formaldehyde.  They have aspartame 
disease - all the identical symptoms, chronic fatigue syndrome, memory 
loss (the two amino acids, phenylalanine and aspartic acid, are neurotoxic
when isolated from the other amino acids in protein and go past the blood 
brain barrier and deteriorate the neurons of the brain), joint pain, 
headaches, and on and on.

Dr. Roberts has written a new book based on 30 years of research on 
Alzheimers called DEFENSE AGAINST ALZHEIMERS DISEASE which has now been 
nominated for a Pulitzer (1 800 -814-9800).  He explains what I've just 
told you and says in his opinion aspartame is escalating Alzheimers.  I 
should say so as one hospice nurse said 30 year old women are being 
admitted with Alzheimers and memory loss is one of the most common 
symptoms of NutraSweet.  

I would suggest you read some of these publications and you will realize 
how deadly this poison is.  Its not even a diet product.  The 
Congressional Record says it makes you crave carbohydrates  so you gain 
weight.  Sure enough when Dr. Roberts got some patients off NutraSweet 
the average weight loss was 19 lbs.  

This product has no value whatsoever except to kill rats - which is what 
it did in the original laboratory studies.  

By the fact, that symptoms disappear when people abstain from aspartame 
shows you right there what triggered them.  This is why we tell people to 
take the "no aspartame test" and send us their case history.  If their 
problems were from some other cause they wouldn't go away.  A lot of 
people are shocked at how many problems go away.  In fact, just before my 
daughter married her intended told me he used NutraSweet without problem.
I had no intention of letting my son-in-law use it.  It causes birth 
defects even when a man uses it (in Dr. Roberts new report on pregnancy 
and aspartame and what happened in the case of Desert Storm Syndrome).
When I saw Bob two weeks later after he got gotten off aspartame he said:
"Well what do you know!  I thought I was just getting older.  All of a 
sudden my vision got better.  My headaches disappeared and insomnia I had 
had for years vanished.  I feel great now!"

Again, this is why we tell people - TAKE THE NO ASPARTAME TEST!"  Also, 
take it back to the store!!!!

This is a deadly poison masquerading as a sweetener.  Believe me - I'm 
dealing with the people and getting them off and seeing them return to 
normal, healthful lives - that is when we get them in time.  Some have 
already perished - don't be a statistic!


To get more information on aspartame, email betty at pd.org
In the subject line, simply put "sendme help".

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