Asperger's Disorder/High-Functioning Autism

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> hello,
> i am in need of information pertaining to this/these conditions (it
> is my understanding that they are one and the same?).  If anyone can
> provide some information, or direct me to sources of information i
> would be grateful. i guess i am most interested in symptoms and
> treatments, but anything else of relevence would be welcome as well.
> you can direct any replies to me at:
>         shanley at
>                         or
>         ea475 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
> thanks
> steve

If you have access to the web, try for
a good page full of autism links which includes an Asperger's page at

I believe that there is a debate as to whether Asperger's syndrome and HFA
are truly the same.  If not, then they seem to be quite similar and the
terms are often used interchangeably.  Happy searching!

Jenn Raiter
Rainbow Babies & Childrens Hospital (Cleveland OH)

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