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Imre Galambos imregi at uclink4.berkeley.edu
Sat Dec 30 14:23:19 EST 1995

My freind's father is terminally sick back in mainland China. His 
condition is getting worse and worse, he suffers from terrible pains. The 
doctors cannot do anything and my friend asked me to ask other 
specialists, maybe someone has an idea or has seen such a thing before. 
He is not asking for a special diagnosis and prescription. Just ideas, 
some guidance that could help to lessen the pains of his father. Below is 
a short description coming from the doctor of the patient. Thank you. 

Patent: Male, age 72

On April 28, 1994, the patient suffered a cerebral infarction (middle 
arterial embolism in the right cerebral hemisphere) and as the result, 
the left side of the brain got paralyzed. In May this year, in the upper 
knee joint of the right leg appeared a herpes zoster which was cured 
after a week's treatment. But soon there followed sharp pains in the 
interval of every one hour or so in the right leg. The pains have been 
progressively worse with tic (tie?) all over when attacked. Recently the 
attack was accompanied by spasms of bronchi and blood vessel and 
deficiency of myocardial blood supply. Now the patient is tracheotomized 
and depends on a respirator. There has been no obvious effect in the 
adoption of various pain-killer and nervus femoralis and extra dural 
seating. Request: diagnosis (of the cause of the pains) and the effective 
Should the thalamic brain be considered? 
A new development is that at the time of pain attacks, the patient has a 
heart rate of 145-160/min. The doctor has given him morphium but the 
palpitation and the pains did not decrease. 
LAter, the doctor gave him a tranquilizer (Injetio Diazepami) and, as a 
result, the pains and the palpitation settled and after 15 minutes the 
patient fell asleep. On this account, the doctor suspects that the pain 
might be due to the thalamic brain. 

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