Seeking info on human brain wave patterns ( EEG )

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Sun Dec 31 01:29:47 EST 1995

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>On Thu, 28 Dec 1995 10:13:36 -0500, 
>JOHN PARRISH THOMPSON   <gsi03919 at> wrote:
>>    I am currently working on a theory of personhood and its defining 
>>characteristics and desperately need expert information on comparative 

>The EEG (which shows mostly cortical waveforms) is an extremely 
>limited tool for exploring the scientific aspects of this subject.  

Mr. Robinson,

I really enjoy reading your comments about these complex subjects - you seem 
to be widely read - and I usually agree with you.  

Too often, people look to science to solve all problems and to answer all 
questions - but we are limited by our human perspective - something we can 
never overcome.



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