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Neural Processing Letters, Vol.2, No.1, January 1995
- A new scheme for incremental learning
     C. Jutten, R. Chentouf
- A nonlinear extension of the Generalized Hebbian learning
     J. Joutsensalo, J. Karhunen
- Morphogenesis of neural networks
     O. Michel, J. Biondi
- Compartmetal modelling with artificial neural networks
     C.J. Coomber
- Quantitative object motion prediction by an ART2 and Madaline combined 
  neural network
     Q. Zhu, A.Y. Tawfik
- An ANNs-based system for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases
     G.-P. K. Economou, D. Lymberopoulos, C.E. Goutis
- A learning algorithm for Recurrent Radial-Basis Function networks
     M.W. Mak

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