embryonic brain extract prep

Dave Pataky pataky at bcu.ubc.ca
Fri Feb 3 13:58:07 EST 1995

I am starting some experiments with cultured neurons (from embryonic chick
brain) and thought it would be neat to test the effects of a brain extract
prepared from embryonic chick.  I tried preparing some with a simple
protocol i got out of a published paper but it seemed to have a
detrimental effect on my cultures.  I was hoping for some sort of trophic
effect.  Any suggestions or tips or detailed protocols on preparing such a
trophic cocktail from embryonic brain would be greatly appreciated, via
the newsgroup or e-mail.  i will summarize the replies here if there are
enough of them. Thanks in advance,

Dave Pataky
Dept of Zoology, UBC
pataky at bcu.ubc.ca

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