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>>A theory becomes worthless if no efforts are make to construct procedures
>>to measure predictions.  If a theory is correct only 10% of the time and
>>there are no other models to explain the results then the poor theory will
>>be the one taught in school.  If hard science has rejected a topic as
>>unmeasurable then the theory taught in school will be philosophical.
>>Theories that are too good and not currently accepted should be suspect.
>>Dogma is a theory that is no longer questioned.  There should be no
>>Ron Blue
>A quick consult of Webster's:
>Theory - a plausible or scientifically acceptable general principle or body
>of principles offered to explain phenomena.
>Phenomena - an observable fact or event.
>If a fact or event is observable it is measurable, thus a theory can be
>formulated about it.  If it is not observable then its existence is not
>known and, therefore, no theory can be assembled.  It is possible that a
>theory, based on some observation, predicts the presence of presently
>unknown phenomena.  However, the prediction must be testable (measurable)
>to verify the theory.  The observation of some predicted phenomena may have
>to await the development of the technology to perform the measurments, but
>the predicted properties of the phenomena should give insights into the
>technology needed to make the observation.
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Excellent points!  Ron Blue

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