Brain problem . . .

JmichaelT6 jmichaelt6 at
Sat Feb 4 09:48:49 EST 1995

I have seem many boxers careers go down the
drain because of too many hits to the head.

I'm not a boxer, but I may have had too many hits to my head.
You see, ever since I can remember, I have had this habit
of hitting/banging my head against my pillow just before I go to
sleep and during my sleep.  In my lifetime of 19 years,
I must have smashed my head against my pillow millions of times.

What worries me is not that I hit my head extremely hard 
against the pillow, it's just that I've done it so many times.  
I'm wondering if this repeated "head banging" could have some 
adverse affect on my brain in the coming years.  I know for sure 
that I can't dtop myself from doing it.  Hitting my head against 
the pillow is just like breathing to me . . .involuntary.

My mother has speculated that I do "this" because she would
rock me to sleep as a child.  I doubt that hypothesis.

I do know that many of the males in our family (on mother's side) 
do this "thing".  Me, two cousins, one of my cousin's children.  Not all
bang their heads; they might roll their head from side to side or
something like that.

I also know that before my father died at 41 years of age, he had
extremely bad headaches (the doctors could not diagnose them).  They were
not miagrains.

Well, I stop the speculation here and hope that someone responds
with any plausible explanation.  I say again, this habit does not
annoy me whatsoever and it does not cause me headaches or other problems. 
I just want a explanation to this problem.  Is it neurological?
Can it damage me permanately?  Are there other people that have thius
habit?  Any info. will help.

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