brain and mind

riker at riker at
Sat Feb 4 00:52:41 EST 1995

>If a fact or event is observable it is measurable, thus a theory can be 
>formulated about it.  If it is not observable then its existence is not 
>known and, therefore, no theory can be assembled.  It is possible that a 

Uh uh.  Consciousness, or even awareness.  My experience of, say the 
color blue at some place in my visual field is a fact.  I know it is a 
fact.  Others can reasonably rely upon it being a fact, since they 
experience the same color -- or at least a color we all refer to as 
"blue" -- when they observe the same external object.

However, my inner "blue" though quite real and factual, cannot be 
observed by any external observer.  It is not measurable, it is difficult 
to formulate a theory about, but it /is/ known.


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