novice - double brain dichotomy for guitarists

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Tue Feb 7 11:34:04 EST 1995

	I'm not able to answer the whole question about handedness and 
musical ability, but I recently published a paper with some colleagues 
which showed evidence for an excess of left-handers among professional
musicians - this was true for professional singers aswell as instrumentalists
so a manual-dexterity (!) arguement may not hold-water too well.  You'll be
pleased to note that we mention Jimi Hendrix (and Paul McCartney) in the
introduction...  The reference is:

Aggleton, J.P.; Kentridge, R.W. and Good, J.M.M (1994) Handedness and musical
ability: A study of professional orchestral players, composers and choir members.
Psychology of Music 22, 148-156.

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