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> > Is the internet ever capable of attaining consciousness?  How can we 
> > tell if it has?  Should we try to make developments in the internet that 
> > will make it more likely to become conscious?
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> > Any ideas? - gm
> Given the unsettled debate about human consciousness, it  might be more 
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> Maybe the stage of the Internet's nervous evolution or development as
> a world-brain is at that reached by a lowly organism, still with no very
> noticeable central organisation.  Or this may understate what has been
> achieved. In any case comparison of the way the Internet has progressed
> and is progressing may stimulate ideas about analogies or homologies with
> the evolutionary process by which central nervous systems developed. From
> this angle, it will interesting to see over the next few years how the
> Internet changes and complexifies.
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The Internet is already a conscious being of a higher order of 
intelligence than hitherto seen on this planet. Try attacking it and see how
effectively it will defend itself! 

Although it is tempting to imagine its responses are a simply a product of the
intelligent agents (humans) of which it is comprised, in terms of the 
Internet as a being we are acting as simple neurons taking multiple inuts and 
generating a resultant output whilst using (comparatively) an insignificant 
amount of intelligence.

When a widely acceptable definition of consciousness is established, the 
Internet will be found to fit it.
Robin Walker

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