Postocdoral Position - Confocal Microscopy & Neuronal Injury

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Postdoctoral Fellowship - Confocal Microscopy and Neuronal Injury

A postdoctoral position is available at Washington University School
of Medicine (St. Louis).  The focus of our laboratory is on cellular
mechanisms of hypoxic and traumatic injury to neurons and glia in
primary culture. The laboratory utilizes digital microscopy
techniques to assess injury-related alterations in ion
concentrations (for example, cytosolic calcium) or cellular
structures (for example, mitochondria or cytoskeletal elements). We
have a Noran Odyssey laser scanning confocal microscope with
MetaMorph PC/Windows software, ratio-imaging fluorescence
microscopes, and access to other confocals.  The postdoctoral fellow
will be expected to gain proficiency in conventional fluorescence
videomicroscopy and confocal microscopy, and to develop an
independent project using these techniques. 

The laboratory is located in the Center for the Study of Nervous
System Injury at Washington University. There are extensive
opportunities for collaboration with other Center investigators as
well as with faculty of the outstanding neuroscience community at
Washington University.

Date Available:  March 1, 1995

Requirements: Ph.D., M.D., or equivalent. The applicant should have
experience with advanced microscopic methods such as image analysis,
videomicroscopy, cytosolic calcium measurement, or confocal
microscopy. Familiarity with neuronal cell culture, glutamate
receptor pharmacology, cytoskeletal techniques, or PC
hardware/software, is desirable but not required.


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