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You wrote :
M>They differ aminly in their focus.
M>Neurophysioology deals with electrical impulses in the brain and
M>   recording usually from single cells, neuron firing rates and what
M>   causes a neuron to fire are often dependent measures

What about e.g. work being done on cAMP levels in neurons measured under 
different circumstances with a certain bioassay - that is also a part of 

M>Neurobiology deals with the biology of the brain really this is a
M>catch all subject covering just about any aspect of neuroscience
Neurobiology also deals with the spinal cord, and the peripheral nervous 
system (e.g. The enteric nervous system - known as "The little brain in 
the gut")

M>Neuropsychology (what I do) highlights behavior and the neurological
M>mechanisms behind behavior, it also uses behavior to detect brain

I do not know anything about neuropsychology so I can't comment on that.

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